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Hojo wants to mate that thing, (Red XIII), with Aeris. Wonder what kind of babies that thing would make?

I say it again and again, but I adore the field models from Final Fantasy VII so much. So I drew more of them this time, haha.Although, admittedly, I didn’t have great references for Barret and Tifa’s field models, but whatever. Still not sure if, or when, the field models gain mouths. Sometimes I see them with just flat, line-shaped mouths, but sometimes I don’t? (This is a scheduled post, since I’m out at my girlfriend’s for the weekend for birthday celebrationsss.)

My fingers are tingling.My mouth is dry.My eyes are burning!

o n e  w i n g e d  a n g e l
[i n s p i r a t i o n]

[Cos I haven’t drawn anything in for fucking ever and yeah ghfkjhgkjhkjfs SKETCHY THING]
Final Fantasy 7 - Cloud's Buster Sword